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Skoda Drives into Fortnite

Skoda’s clever thinking, which has seen some brilliant additions like hidden umbrellas and cargo nooks in its cars, has taken to the marketing department in a collaboration with the hugely popular game Fortnite. With this latest collaboration, the electric Skoda Enyaq takes centre stage.

Skoda’s gaming move comes at a time when the younger generation is steering away from traditional media. Zuzana Valkovičová, a marketing expert at Skoda Auto, sheds light on unique move:

“The younger generation – and not only them – are abandoning traditional media like television and radio and spending more and more time playing video games. So when Skoda decided to go into Fortnite, it was not only a logical step for them, but also an imaginative assignment,” she says.

“Fortnite is one of the most popular video game titles across various platforms. The game has a creative mode, in which just about anyone can create their own game maps and quests.”

More Than Just a Game

Skoda’s approach is not just to integrate with a game as Fortnite is a fully-fledged digital medium. Skoda is ready to share the stage with global icons like Eminem and Marshmello.

“After all, artists such as Marshmello, Eminem, The Weeknd and others perform here,” explains game streamer David Gärtner, who goes by the moniker Alkan.

“Various collaborations from the film and TV show world appear here regularly, and of course, well-known brands have a presence here as well,” he says.

Skoda Enyaq Enters Fortnite

One of the initiates with Fortnie is the Out of Bounds Odyssey quest – a collaboration between Skoda and its gaming partners, featuring the sleek Skoda Enyaq Coupe RS - a car which you can register to see next year here at Eastside Skoda.

Whether a seasoned gamer or just getting started, the three mini quests in Out of Bounds Odyssey cater to all levels. Alkan shares insights on how these quests not only make gaming fun but also equip players with skills that extend beyond the Fortnite universe.

“I think that the chance of seeing a car in the game that they can then come across for real on the road will definitely interest players,” says Alkan. “The quests themselves are suitable even for beginners, and will teach them game skills that will come in handy in Fortnite on other occasions,” he adds.

It's not all just about completing quests, however. Skoda encourages players to share their snapshots on Instagram, tagging the official @skodagram account for a chance to earn exclusive in-game rewards.

Download or Stream Fortnite with Skoda

Fortnite, including the Out of Bounds Odyssey quest, offers versatile accessibility, allowing players to download or stream the game on multiple platforms. Available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Android devices, as well as online streaming via Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce NOW Streaming, and Amazon Luna Streaming, Fortnite is available on many different platforms.

The game's compatibility extends to iOS, iPad OS, and other devices. To embark on Skoda’s Out of Bounds Odyssey quest, players need to join the game, locate the quest map in the Fortnite Discovery menu, and dive (or should that be drive?) into the adventure.