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Skoda 2024 Enyaq Updated

The Skoda Enyaq, an electric family-friendly SUV, has undergone a significant upgrade, reinforcing its position as one of the best all-electric family SUVs. At Eastside Skoda, located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, we are thrilled about the coming arrival of Skoda's first electric model in Australia, promising an enticing new product for EV buyers.

You can register your interest for the new Enyaq with us now!

Enyaq Overview

The Enyaq lineup embraces a revamped powertrain and bids farewell to 'iV' from its name, simplifying its nomenclature. The lineup features the Enyaq 60, Enyaq 60 Edition, Enyaq 85 Edition, 85x SportLine Plus, and the high-performance Enyaq RS. While specific details about the Australian models are yet to be confirmed, the European variants provide a glimpse into the future that awaits Down Under.

Revamped Powertrain

Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

The Enyaq 60, serving as the entry-level model, receives improvements to its battery and energy management software, ensuring a peppy sub-9.0 second 0-100km/h sprint. Moving up the hierarchy, the Enyaq 85 Edition, equipped with a 77kWh battery, boasts an impressive WLTP claimed driving range of up to 560km and 210kW of power delivered to all four wheels.

Pinnacle of Performance: Enyaq RS

At the pointy end of the lineup, the Enyaq RS proudly wears Skoda's renowned RS badge. With a powerful 250kW delivered to all four wheels, it accelerates from 0-100km/h in just 5.5 seconds, securing its position as the fastest Skoda production car to date.

Faster Charging

Acknowledging the importance of efficient charging, the 85x and RS models now offer a faster charging rate of up to 175kW. This enhancement allows these models to charge from 10 to 80 percent in an impressive 28 minutes, reducing downtime on extended driving trips.

Interior Upgrades

The 2024 Enyaq lineup brings user-focused enhancements to its interior, including improvements to entertainment touchscreens and redesigned graphics. The updated features extend to the sat-nav system and climate controls, promising an even better experience doing the little things while driving along.

Australian Availability

Skoda Australia is yet to officially announce the timing, pricing, and specifications for the local Enyaq models. However, anticipation is building, and at Eastside Skoda, we are ready to assist you in preparing for the electric Enyaq's arrival.

Whether you're curious or eager to place an order, contact us to stay ahead of the details and be among the first to experience Skoda's innovative 2024 Enyaq. Keep an eye out at our Eastside Skoda dealership in Nunawading for updates as we eagerly await the arrival of this family-friendly EV.